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Tourer Tech is a service centre for campervans and motorhomes in Worcester, Worcestershire. Depending on availability we can also provide a mobile service for Worcestershire and the surrounding areas.

A motorhome or campervan requires periodic maintenance to both the habitation area and the base vehicle to ensure it is kept in a road worthy condition and is safe to operate. With the right maintenance and annual serving your van will give you years of service and great holidays.

 To ensure you get the best from your vehicle, manufacturers recommend periodic maintenance, such as:

  • Chassis integrity and security including body fixings, suspension, brakes and tyres.
  • Gas Systems and appliances should be inspected for safety and operational performance to manufactures instructions and as a minimum annually.
  • Flexible hoses, regulators and safety devices should also be checked annually. 
  • Electrical Systems (240v & 12v) and safety equipment (earth bonding and RCD’s) should be inspected periodically to ensure safe operation and performance.
  • The hook up lead and habitation area wiring should be tested for integrity and correct connectivity, road lights to ensure they meet the legal requirements and the operation & performance of all the appliances and battery charging circuits.
  • Water System integrity and operation of pipe work including the water filter, pressure switch, water pump, taps and drainage should be checked periodically to identify leakage which could lead to floor delamination if left un-rectified.
  • Safety Equipment is there to preserve life so ensure carbon monoxide, smoke alarms, fire blankets & extinguishers are fitted correctly, are operational and in date.
  • Damp Check & Report is crucial to find any potential high risk areas that if left could case structural damage.
    Note: on Campervans we provide a visual check only - please call if you would like to discuss.

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please Contact Us

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